A range of systems to deal with the problems of onsite waste water

Onsite waste water often contains pollutants such as clay, silts, concrete, hydro-carbons and other materials. These pollutants can be damaging to storm drains and water courses far beyond the confines of your construction site.
Lohan Environmental offers you solutions to mitigate such environmental hazards. All our products are available for hire or purchase. To see the full range of our services give us a ring on 085 8563873 or email us at info@lohanenvironmental.ie
Lohan Environmental are proud to be a distributor of Kelly Tank products. Their range includes: Concrete Washout Systems, Water Treatment Systems and Hydro Demolition Systems.
You can view the full range at https://www.kellytanks.co.uk/
Waste water can come in many different forms and each site will have factors that contribute to this problem. Lohan Environmental has a range of different systems and setups that can deal with the problems of waste water in its varying forms.

Techniques employed include:
  • Settlement and flotation
  • Coagulation and flocculation
  • Lamella
  • Coalescence
  • Mixed media backwash filtration
  • Oil and hydrocarbon adsorption
  • pH control
Providing expert Advice, Supply and  Installation for – Water Treatment, Concrete Washout, high pH Water Treatment and Hydrodemolition Waste Treatment Systems